Do You Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Security Disability Lawyers In Georgia
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Do you need a Social Security Disability Lawyer? We can help you navigate the process and connect you with an experienced lawyer.

One of the most difficult things after experiencing an injury or illness that leads to a disability is having to fight for your benefits. In Georgia and across the United States, up to 60% of original applications for Social Security Disability benefits are denied.

There are many reasons for these denials, but the most common are incomplete or inaccurate information on the application or the lack of medical documentation to support the claim of a disability that will last longer than one year.

The team at is here to assist individuals with their initial application for Social Security Disability or to help after a denial. While a disability lawyer is not required for the initial application or to go through the appeals process, they are highly recommended to represent your best interests throughout the process.

To determine if a Social Security Disability lawyer is the right match for your needs or if you have issues that put your application at a higher risk for denial, continue to read the following frequently asked questions. As with all decisions and resources for your Social Security Disability benefits application, our team at is ready and able to provide assistance on benefits through our free, no-obligation case evaluation.

What are the benefits of hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer provides an expert on how the Social Security Administration and, more specifically, the Social Security Disability claims team will review applications and make decisions.

Social Security Disability Lawyer

Your attorney will assist with questions about the application, including what to do if the information requested is not available. In many cases, knowing who to go to get the information saves you the challenges of being denied and having to go through an appeal. The attorney can also review the application and determine if there are any errors or omissions, which can also cause a delay or a denial in processing your claim.

How can you find a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

The representatives at are here to assist you with the resources you need to consider your options and understand your benefits. We also work with Social Security Disability lawyers to connect individuals with legal representatives to assist them after a denial letter.

There are critical timelines and steps that must be completed, including understanding and providing the missing documentation, information, or medical records. In most cases, meeting with a Social Security Disability lawyer is instrumental in understanding why the denial occurred and what needs to happen to successfully win the appeal.

Does Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer at the Application Stage Help?

Hiring a disability lawyer during the application process, or ideally before you start the application, is the best way to avoid the common issues that lead to a denial of the original application. The attorney can answer questions, provide information on where and how to find required medical records and information, and ensure you have all relevant information included on the application.

Social Security Disability lawyers understand what the Social Security Administration claims team is looking for in the application. This understanding helps prevent denials due to incorrect or missing information on the application.

Do I Need to Hire a Long-Term SSDI Lawyer?

There is no requirement to have a long-term disability lawyer work with you at any stage in the application process for benefits. Many people choose to complete the application on their own but turn to the expertise of a Social Security Disability attorney if their original claim is denied.

However, this creates a delay in receiving benefits. Even if you win the appeal and begin receiving benefits, the back payments are not immediately available. They may take weeks or months to be deposited once you start receiving benefits. Hiring an attorney is a safeguard against this potential challenge at a time when Social Security Disability benefits may be the only income for the family or individual.

How do you find the best lawyer for Social Security Disability (SSDI)?

Surrounding yourself with a team of experienced representatives, including Social Security Disability attorneys, is the best way to reduce the stress and frustration of dealing with the Social Security Administration.

At, we focus on providing the necessary resources and support throughout the application process for Social Security Disability benefits. We also work with individuals to find experienced, trusted, and helpful attorneys who understand the appeals process at all levels.

This is critical as the appeals process becomes more complex with every stage. Having an attorney that understands the steps and what is required is the best way to be prepared and have the necessary information to overturn the denial.

How Can People with Disabilities Get Financial Assistance and Support Services?

Let our highly trained and experienced representatives at assist you in determining if you qualify for potential Social Security Disability benefits or benefits from other federal government programs.

This starts with a free, no-obligation case evaluation. This is a great time to discuss any questions and let our team provide resources and make sure you understand your benefits and options. We also help individuals with moving forward after a denial.

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney Before Submitting My Application in Georgia?

There is no requirement to have an attorney to submit a Social Security Disability application. However, if the application is denied, it is often recommended to retain an attorney who understands the Social Security Disability system. This helps ensure the appeal contains the information required to demonstrate a disability and allows you to collect the benefits you are entitled to receive based on your specific case.

Do You Need to Know How to Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Hiring an attorney can be a simple process, and our representatives can provide resources and support to have the right professionals in place for your application or appeal process.

The attorney should have experience in working with Social Security Disability benefits applications and denials. He or she should also be able to provide you with information about the process and what to expect.

What can a Disability Lawyer do for You?

A Social Security Disability lawyer will review your initial application and ensure the form is completed correctly. This includes ensuring all documentation and medical records are requested or provided as part of the application process.

Should your claim be denied, the lawyer continues to represent you through the appeals process, which can become complicated and complex.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Apply for SSI or SSDI Benefits?

People can, and do, apply for their Georgia SSI and SSDI benefits without an attorney. If you are considering doing this on your own, be sure to talk to our team of experienced representatives at We will help you understand your options, the benefits you may qualify for, and provide the resources and support you require.

How Long Does It Take for a Lawyer to Get Your Disability?

Every case is different when it comes to the appeal process. In some cases, the lawyer can identify the missing information or documents, submit the appeal and required information, and the appeal will be approved in a few weeks or months. In other cases, the appeal process may go beyond the review of documentation and require a hearing, which will take longer based on the availability of the judge.

Why Do Most People Get Denied Social Security Disability?

The two most common reasons for people to be denied Social Security Disability benefits is errors or omissions on the application or lack of medical records and documentation.

Both of these issues can often be prevented by using the services we offer at and hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer to assist with or review your application.

How Does a Disability Attorney Handle Your Social Security Claim?

Initially, your Social Security Disability lawyer will serve as a way to review your application and ensure all documentation required is submitted. This is a critical factor in getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits and voiding the challenges of going through an appeal of a denial.

If the application is denied, a disability attorney will manage the appeal process, including filing the necessary documents. They can also represent you throughout the appeals process, including if a hearing is required as part of the process.

Why Hire a Social Security Disability lawyer?

Hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer prior to submitting your application is the best way to increase your chances of receiving approval on your original application. After a denial, an attorney familiar with the Social Security Administration requirements and processes with regards to eligibility will ensure the necessary documents are available for review or in a hearing process.

The application process for Social Security Disability is not easy. The paperwork requires attention to detail, and all information must be included to avoid a denial of the application.

If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits in Georgia, schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation with our team.

Our goal is to provide you with support, all with no out-of-pocket expenses.

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