5 Reasons For an Online Disability Case Evaluation

you may be eligible for disability income, also known as Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
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Do you need to apply for disability benefits? Are you unsure about whether you qualify or have the correct documentation? You might want to consider doing an online disability case evaluation.  There are five reasons for doing a disability case evaluation at BenefitsClaim.com.

No Information Overload or Wasting Time

Before applying for disability benefits, the first step is to determine whether you qualify and which type of benefits you are eligible for. Just that initial step requires time and energy doing research and reading on the Social Security Administration’s website.

If you have a disability that impacts your energy level or ability to read, the wisest option is to have someone else do a lot of that work for you. Even if you feel you’re able to do the research yourself, the amount of information can be overwhelming and time-consuming to go through.

You can take the survey to start an online disability case evaluation from the comfort of your own home in as little as one minute.  All you need to do is answer a few easy questions- after that your disability case evaluation is handed off to the experts!  You’ll save yourself valuable time and emotional energy.

Take the Guesswork Out of Whether You Qualify for Disability Benefits Assistance

Social Security has very specific guidelines around what qualifies as a disability. Even if you believe that your medical condition is a disability, it may not meet Social Security’s definition of disability.  You may also have a financial situation that seems like it should qualify you for disability benefits but doesn’t meet Social Security’s criteria.

There are 5 essential questions Social Security uses to assess a disability claim. Those questions are:

  1. Are you working?
  2. Is your condition “severe?”
  3. Is your condition found in the list of disabling conditions?
  4. Can you do the work you did previously?
  5. Can you do any other type of work?

The questions are considered in the order in which they are listed. When the first question is answered, Social Security moves on to the next question, and so on until they determine whether to approve or deny your disability claim. There is more detail to each of the questions that is important to know. We have a great article on the five questions that goes into those details here.

If you don’t understand the questions Social Security uses to assess a disability claim, your application may not be approved. You may try to apply for disability benefits thinking that you qualify- when you really don’t.

For example, if you try to apply for disability income and have more income and resources than Social Security permits, your claim may be denied.  It can be upsetting to have done all the work to apply only to find out that you never qualified in the first place!

When you do a free disability case evaluation, a case evaluation specialist does most of the legwork for you.  You simply provide them with some information, and they do the rest.

A disability case evaluation cuts down on the confusion of trying to figure out whether you qualify. It also prevents you from going through an arduous disability benefits application process that ends with your application being denied.

Partnering with a Professional Speeds Up the Process

Our case evaluation team are trained legal experts who know all the ins and outs of the Social Security guidelines. They know exactly what information and documentation is needed to accurately assess whether your disability claim application will be successful. The kinds of information that Social Security needs to know for the online application are:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your marital status
  • Information about dependents
  • Whether you’re a veteran
  • Employment details
  • Banking information
  • Medical information
  • Job history
  • Education and training

Particularly in the case of providing medical information, it can be hard to know what is relevant to your disability case and what is not. When you work with a disability case evaluation specialist, they can ask you questions to elicit the most relevant information for your disability claim.

A disability case evaluation specialist will also be able to tell you how much compensation for which you are eligible. If you apply for disability income on your own, even if you get approved, you may not get the full amount of benefits that you otherwise would have with disability benefits assistance.

You Can Easily Hire Legal Counsel to Help You

You may think hiring legal counsel to help you with your disability benefits application is an unnecessary expense. However, your chances of getting your disability claim denied are higher if you try to apply for disability benefits on your own.

As mentioned before, Social Security requires lots of information about you as well as specific medical and financial documentation. You could easily miss something crucial for your application or include something irrelevant to your case that could cause confusion.

There are also certain exceptions to the rules that Social Security has set out for the disability benefits program. Unless you’re well-trained in disability law, there is no way to know if your case is an exception to the rule.

If you went to the South American Amazon for the first time, wouldn’t it be risky to go exploring by yourself? You could easily get lost. You would most likely hire a local guide who knows the jungle like the back of their hand and could take you safely through the terrain. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced disability benefits lawyer to walk you through your disability benefits application is like hiring a guide to journey in the jungle with you.

When you do an online disability case evaluation with BenefitsClaim.com, it is very easy to hire legal counsel to help you with your application. You won’t have to go looking for a disability benefits lawyer on your own. Once your disability case evaluation is complete, the disability benefits attorney who was working on your case can help you with your application.

By working with one of the lawyers on our team, you’ll have the best chances of receiving an approval for your application and the maximum amount of disability benefits for which you are eligible.

Our Online Disability Case Evaluation is Free!

Our mission At BenefitsClaim.com is to get you the benefits you deserve and support you during every step of the application process with no out-of-pocket costs to you. We never share you an upfront retainer, and we don’t charge document or medical record fees. We want to help you change your life for the better. That’s why we offer a free disability benefits case evaluation.

Take this free 1-minute survey to start, and we’ll be in touch with you about your disability case!

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