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Packing and Moving out-of-state

Disability Benefits Assistance: Moving out of state in 2023?

Will my Social Security Disability Benefits change if I move to another state? Moving to another state can introduce a lot of changes: You are not alone. Moving to another state is more common than ever! Beyond the changes listed above, your disability benefits may see adjustments as well…  If you are disabled and receiving …

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Free Disability Benefits Claim Assistance

Free Disability Benefits Claim Assistance

Applying for disability benefits can be overwhelming. By hiring someone to help you fill out a disability claim application, you are optimizing your acceptance of a disability income. The process of applying for Social Security is becoming increasingly difficult and you may yield best results with professional disability benefits assistance when you apply for this …

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A man with disability propelling his wheelchair along a street.

Understanding Continuing Disability Reviews

Once you have gone through the long process of applying for your Social Security disability, you may think you will receive your benefits for life. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true. Although uncommon, some circumstances can cause the Social Security Administration (SSA) to terminate your benefits. A Continuing Disability Review (CDR) may unearth some of these reasons.

A woman holding a Benefits Claim document seated on a couch.

Benefits Claim For My Disability Denied Now What?

If you have a severe disability, it can be frustrating to hear that your application for disability benefits has been denied. Considering the lengthy and strenuous application process, it hurts more if the application is dismissed during a pandemic. So, where do you start if, unfortunately, your application is denied? Should you reapply or just …

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