Finding Clarity When Applying for Disability Benefits

you may be eligible for disability income, also known as Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
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Still wondering if you should take the leap to apply for disability benefits? This is a common question as there is much to know as you consider this decision. This article will teach you why or why not to apply for disability benefits.

If you are considering applying for disability benefits or unsure if you qualify, take our free online disability case evaluation to determine your eligibility. Our quick and free disability benefits case evaluation will allow you to determine your possible compensation as well as provide you with professional disability benefits assistance. 

Before you file for a disability benefits claim, understanding what makes you eligible for benefits will help ease your filing experience. Most people think they have to have been disabled for quite some time before applying for disability income. This is not true- you can apply as soon as you are aware of your condition. Because of the waiting period between the initial application and hearing your acceptance status.

How to Know if You Should Apply for Disability Benefits 

If any of the following apply to you, you should consider applying for disability income:

  1. You have a serious and severe mental or physical condition 
  2. You anticipate your condition to last at least a year, if not longer
  3. Your condition prevents your ability to do a substantial amount of work

It is best to speak with your doctor about whether or not they believe your physical or mental condition will prohibit you from working for a year or more. After they determine the status of your disability, you will be eligible to apply for disability benefits.

However, this does not mean you cannot work at all while receiving disability benefits. Social Security typically considers a substantial amount of work to be earning greater than $1,310 per month for any disability other than blindness. For any applicants who are legally blind, the earning limit is $2,190. Not being able to work also includes when you are not able to be productive 15% or more of your time while working. It also includes having to be absent for 10% or more of the time.

How to Know if You Should Not Apply for Disability Benefits

If you are disabled and have issues working, but are not sure if you qualify for disability benefits, you should consider these before applying to ensure you qualify:

  1. Your doctor does not believe your condition to be severe enough to prevent you from working
  2. Your condition is temporary or expected to be less than one year
  3. You are able to earn more than $1,310 per month
  4. You have not worked enough to be eligible for disability benefits, but your family income or assets are too high to claim disability income

If any of these relate to you, you may have a more difficult chance of being approved for disability benefits. It is important to be sure of your situation before going through the trouble of applying for Social Security. By visiting our website and filling out our free disability benefits claim application, a professional may assist you in understanding your qualifications for applying for disability benefits. 

Understanding the qualifying factors of earning a disability income will cut your questions in half when deciding to apply for disability benefits. If you know the future of your condition, you will be able to more accurately determine your need for disability benefits.

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