Fight Back Against Sexual Assault, You May Qualify for Significant Financial Compensation

A woman in distress with her hand up to her face, seeking financial compensation.
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If you or someone you know suffered sexual abuse from an individual who worked for the Catholic Church, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

Evidence now shows decades of coverups made by the Catholic Church to help protect the people committing these crimes. However, the victims of these crimes did not give up and have been awarded over $3 Billion dollars to date!

Even though this money can not change the devastating events that these victims suffered, it doest compensate them for some of their pain and suffering.

Don’t let your opportunity to seek justice and restitution pass by. If you or someone you know has also suffered abuse from an individual working for the Catholic Church, click the “File A Claim Here” button below and complete the short form to see what you qualify to receive.

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