Government Assistance Articles

A grocery store basket filled with groceries.

EBT 101: What to Know

The last few years have been financially difficult for many American families. Household expenses such as rent, groceries, and gas went up at record rates. Food prices are expected to rise at a slower rate in 2023 compared to 2022. However, that fact makes little difference in the lives of millions of Americans already struggling …

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A hand is pushing a block with the word life on it, showing how people benefit from Lifeline.

How People Benefit from Lifeline

Dealing with costly bills is one of many challenges Americans face. One of those bills that occasionally require additional assistance to handle is the phone bill. Without a phone, it’s practically impossible to get anything done in the modern world, especially with the advancement of technology driving up demand for phones and internet access. Fortunately, …

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Foreclosure sign on home for sale.

Foreclosures 101 What to Know

If you have considered buying a home at one point, you have likely searched online to view what’s available in your area. During your search you may remember coming across properties that are listed as foreclosures. These listings don’t often have detailed descriptions or professional photos like some of the other listings near you. However, …

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