SSA Benefits: What are they and who gets them?

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If you want to find a program that provides great support, you should look into opportunities offered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA helps countless people through different programs. It could be useful to find out what these programs are so you can be one of those people! These programs include Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Social Security Retirement Benefits. We will give you a bit of background on what the SSA does, as well as an overview of the different programs they provide.

Understanding the SSA

The SSA is a federal agency that handles different programs. They are mandated to provide Social Security numbers. Social Security numbers are essential if you’re wanting to access federal and/or private-sector services and assistance. They also are the ones to run certain programs and determine eligibility.

For example, when the SSA considers a person’s eligibility status for disability benefits, they look at several factors. Firstly, they want to know whether the person is working or not and if they can work another job. Secondly, they want to figure out whether the disability is severe or not and also make sure that the disability is on the SSA’s list of medical conditions. These are all important factors for the SSA when they are determining whether someone should get disability benefits or not.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

To benefit from this program, you need to meet certain eligibility conditions. The SSDI program helps people who are insured and have a qualifying employment background and disability. If a person would need to go into early retirement because of their disability, then this program can help. Additionally, this program can help qualifying members of the family as well, including current and divorced partners of the applicant and kids with disabilities who are younger than 22 years old. Furthermore, the two specific factors needed to qualify are: being employed in a position that has Social Security coverage, and meeting the definition of a disability provided by the SSA.

The next step would be to apply for SSDI benefits, which you can do on the phone, online, or in person. Each state has its version of the application process since they are responsible for managing the program. You will need to gather all relevant information and use the Adult Disability Checklist to make sure nothing is left out. When you submit your application, the SSA looks through it to make sure you meet all the basic conditions to qualify. After that, the SSA sends your case file to your state’s Disability Determination Services office, which is in charge of making the final decision.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Another SSA assistance program is the Supplemental Security Income program (SSI). You should know that this program helps those with disabilities, but it works differently than SSDI. However, it is possible to receive both SSDI and SSI benefits at the same time. This program helps people that are the age of 65 and need financial support. However, you should look through the basic conditions to figure out your eligibility status. The good thing is that if you are younger than the age of 65, have an eligible disability, and are struggling financially, then you might qualify!

Social Security Retirement Benefits

Finally, Social Security Retirement Benefits is a federal program that substitutes a part of your income that you were making before retiring. Many factors affect how much in retirement benefits you can get. These factors include your age and your employment status. If you want to get retirement benefits, you will need to work and pay taxes for Social Security. This is because you can only start receiving retirement benefits from the age of 62.

Now, we are going to explain how you can earn your “credits”, which will factor in the benefits you could receive. How many credits you will particularly need to be eligible for retirement benefits is based on your date of birth, specifically the year. Luckily, you can always go back to work and continue earning credits since your credits don’t disappear from your Social Security record.

Some earning sources have more regulations than others, like agricultural/railroad work, government work on any level, military service, self-employment, and more. However, that only applies to certain earnings. Typically, calculating Social Security earnings is similar for most workers across the country.

You will need to remember that during the application process, you will need to present personal details about yourself. That information would be: your date and place of birth, your Social Security number, and your name/kids’ names too. Also, you will need to offer information about your finances and your previous employment.

Amounts You Can Get From These Programs

Each program works differently and offers different benefit amounts. We’re here to tell you about how much you can get for 2023:

  • You can get a maximum benefit amount of $3,627 or the average amount of $1,483. The SSA calculates a person’s earnings for a certain time frame. You should keep in mind that once someone gets SSDI benefits, they can receive them until they are at the age of full retirement (FRA). After that, the SSDI benefits will turn into standard Social Security retirement benefits.
  • As for the SSI program, a single person who qualifies can get $914 and an eligible couple can get $1,371 per month. If there is any eligible essential person, then they can get $458 per month.
  • For Social Security retirement benefits, the maximum retirement benefit is $4,194.

Final Verdict

Now you have an overview of some of the programs that the SSA offers. You also know what the SSA is so you can apply and try your luck! If you are struggling financially and need a way out, then the SSA is a great place to look for help. You don’t need to give up! As much as this article is informative and accurate, you might have a few questions. If you want to get clear and precise information, then your local Social Security office is your best resource. While you are at it, you should find out how SSA works in your locality and how you can apply.

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